Jamie and Joney welcome you to this page! Together, we have got more than a million views on our YouTube channel and have attracted readers and viewers by the drove to our friendly health blog. We don’t strive for perfection. We just want to be the best that we can be and want to help you how to achieve being the best you can be. It’s time to throw away that hopelessly untenable workout programme and quest for being a size zero and go for what can be done. Instead of sitting around and hoping things will somehow improve themselves, we help you find out how to make them better and do the best you can do with you. The real you, not a fictitious one or someone else who you want to be. None of us are perfect, but the thing is that improvement is always possible. And not only that, but also actually achievable. Although there may be some hard work along the way, we are not the fun police and both of us have been known to indulge some ice cream therapy from time to time. We can even give you the recipe for it! Self denial can only take you so far. After that, you need a break – a way of kicking back and rebelling against a diet or an exercise regime that is too harsh. This is why all the recipes, exercises and advice in these pages have been realistically put together with actual human beings in mind. That means allowing for human frailties and working in the odd treat into our planning. We don’t expect you to become a saint overnight or stop wanting to eat chocolate forever. So, we don’t write our diet plans like that. We allow for error. We allow for being human. So stop wishing you were someone else and start being glad to be you. But the you that you dream of being – someone bright, well, healthy and above all happy.